“It Sure Ain’t Easy Running A Home Business!”


If you run a home business, I bet you just nodded your head in agreement.

Despite the images of lazy poolside retreats or casual work in your pajamas, running a home business is not easy.

You are constantly juggling . . .

Doing mental gymnastics to keep your focus where it needs to be at the moment . . .

Trying to close the office door and focus on family . . .

But conscious of all the tasks that you should be getting done . . .

This is not to say there aren’t joys . . . And that ultimately you would never trade it for “cubicle nation” and a boss who monitors your sick days.

But it ain’t easy . . .

I know this all too well, having run a writing business out of my home for over 7 years.

While it has been tough at times – and continues to be on certain days, if you know what I mean – I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

But part of my enjoyment and success is rooted in something very important I built into my home business over the years . . .

See, if you love having a home business . . . but wish you could enjoy having a home business a little more . . .

If you’d like to find some really simple, hands-on and effective strategies to help you run your business better . . .

If you’d like to make sure that you can run your home  business without running yourself ragged . . .

You’ve come to the right spot.

This is a special spot for home business owners.

It’s not about getting more traffic to your website . . . or how to manage Google Adwords . . . or how to price your services or products . . . or even hiring a VA . . .

All of these are wonderful topics for home business owners . . . but this place is different.

This is about taking care of the most essential home business tool in your arsenal -


And do this, this website and all the great info that comes with it is devoted to making sure you don’t make these home business mistakes too many home business owners are making. . . and putting their health AND their business at risk.

Mistakes like:

  • Too little sleep – or napping indiscriminately. There’s lots of great sleep tactics and we cover it here . . .
  • Raiding the fridge – my waistline and hips ballooned when I started working at home – how about yours? Are you scooting off to the kitchen whenever you hit a tough spot in your workday?
  • Leaving yourself and your business vulnerable. When you work at home, there’s no OSHA looking after your safety. Furthermore, when you marry your business with your homelife, you place yourself in double-jeopardy in some ways. We look after these potential risks here.
  • Knots in your shoulders? Wheezing after a few hours at work? Perhaps you need to check out our stuff on ergonomics and environmental health issues for home offices.
  • Bungling relationships - This is always a work in progress when you work at home. But there are lots of tactics for making family and business coexist side-by-side and support each other, not tear you apart.

And last but not least . . .

  • No time for fitting fitness in. How many times did you think you’d get to the gym or go biking every day once you worked at home. And how often does that really happen? Here’ you’ll find tips and a very effective strategy for making sure you get active each and every day.

You can get all this by stopping by here . . . Or better, yet, signing up and getting a weekly email full of encouragement, ideas and inspiration for keeping your business and you thriving.

Better yet, when you sign up, you get the my indispensible free report that has revolutionized many a home biz owner’s day for FREE!

FREE Home Business Productivity ReportThe Simplest, Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Waistline . . . Your Business . . . And Your Life

You’ll love it. It has one of the best fitness/productivity/head-clearing/energizing/business-boosting tactics ever.  And it’s so simple a 2 year old can do it. But it takes some finesse to use it most strategically.  However, don’t worry – I give you all the info you need in the report.

I use this technique every day and it keeps me not only fit, but alert, confident and energized.

So don’t waffle. This gift is for you!

Join me and other home business owners in growing healthy and thriving home businesses!




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    Hi Sarah-
    This is Michael Anch. We have briefly corresponded via the Money Making Website Forum. Thanks again on your feedback for my website (http://www.healthandsleepsite.com). This is just to follow-up on your suggestion of a possible interview. If you’re still interested, here is my contact information:
    email: ancham@charter.net
    office: 314-977-227r
    home (cell): 636-256-8553

  • http://twitter.com/SSue Steve Sue

    Looks very helpful and fun Sarah!

    • Sarah Clachar

      Sure is, Steve. Who said you can’t mix work and play aka jumping around and moving more!

  • http://www.jackscouponcodes.com Jackie

    Sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it.  

  • Carbonfootprinservices

    Great new book to add to my reading for this weekend.

  • http://twitter.com/Dainty_Mom Martine De Luna

    Stopping by from the WAH Weekend. Such a wonderful site and resource you have here! :) I’m committed to get more healthy, too, as a work at home mom.